Sit Happens

What happens when your client gives you Carte Blanche?…Sit Happens! First, we created a spokesperson, Versa Vick, an irreverent, smart-aleck whose offensive nature is trumped only by his disdain for sitting. He walks us through the dangers of sitting, while educating us about the wonderful VersaDesk Power Pro.

Versa Vs. Vari

Next, we created a series of parody videos referencing the iconic Mac Vs. PC commercials from the mid 2000s. Here we highlight all the benefits of owning an electronic VersaDesk, as opposed to a manual VariDesk.

And the numbers are in!

Since its launch, Sit Happens reached over 1.3 million views, garnering a 322% increase in sales through Amazon, and a 185% increase in sales through