A disruptive aesthetic

We set out to photograph the Evoxe line in ways the cannabis industry isn’t accustomed to. Our approach was to present the brand similarly to high-end beauty products, celebrating Evoxe’s sleek and sophisticated design.

A brand apart

While we infused the high-end sensibility to product photography, we did not want to appear out of touch with Evoxe customers. Through supplemental imagery, language and design, we created that balance of sophistication and approachability.

A new era

In the wake of Prop 64 being passed in California, it was essential to the Evoxe team to create a seamless online experience for its customers, existing and new. We provided them with a streamlined, and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

Reaching new heights

Since HDK’s involvement, EVOXE experienced a 41% increase in traffic, and a 63% increase in conversions! We are proud to be a part of their journey to the forefront of the explosive cannabis industry.