The artist and his muse

Born to a family of artists, Dr. Nima has always led his practice based on his creative roots. Always a supporter of the arts, we first helped him realize his vision by creating Eos Rejuvenation’s first film. In the film below, we documented sculptor Sam Kopels create his masterpiece based on Dr. Nima’s philosophy for his practice.

The patient experience

Today, videos seem to be all the rage when communicating your brand message. Here we created simple videos about patient experiences, office details, and Dr. Nima himself describing his inspirations.

Eos as a lifestyle

It isn’t our intention to simply promote a Doctor, but to build a lifestyle brand, placing emphasis on brand philosophy and aesthetic. We made sure every touch point, from digital to print, displayed its signature iconography.

The goddess of dawn

Dr. Nima named his practice after Eos, The Goddess of Dawn who would open the gates of heaven to bring in a new day. To personify this goddess, we had the pleasure of photographing Australian Model, Rebecca Doyle. These images were used for office decoration and print collateral.

Storytelling with synergy

In telling Eos’ story, two notions surfaced regarding content: 1) Educational value and 2) Conceptual and visual synergy. We proposed a unique blend of health and beauty tips, behind-the-scenes moments, and before/after results. The response has been amazing as we helped the Eos team reach new heights of exposure.