We achieve it.

With an eye for innovation, Versa Products has always remained on the cutting edge of “lifestyle-conscious” office products. With a bold video campaign we helped launch the Versa Desk. Following its massive success, we remain their creative partners as they launch new product lines.

Video / Photography / Branding / Design

Sit Happens

What happens when your client gives you Carte Blanche?…Sit Happens! First, we created a spokesperson, Versa Vick, an irreverent, smart-aleck whose offensive nature is trumped only by his disdain for sitting. He walks us through the dangers of sitting, while educating us about the wonderful VersaDesk Power Pro.

Lean & Mean

Already known in the industry with its iconic “Q” logo, we initiated our approach with an array of colors and patterns to lend a playful and fresh pop to a neutral palette.

Wham Glam

Versa Products introduces a new line of high tech vanity products, aptly named GLAMMY. Again, we were tasked to photograph and stylize this new and exciting product line.