We achieve it.

If your technology is cutting edge, shouldn’t your design and branding follow suite? We went forth with a complete brand overall, providing a sleek and progressive aesthetic through design, photography, and motion content, for a company that might just change the world.

Video / Photography / Branding / Design

Design of
the Times

It’s ironic…sometimes the most innovative companies lack the most innovative designs. At the time, Triad’s current logo failed to inspire awe: It was dated, awkward, and unambitious. Fortunately, the vision came naturally, as we’re proud to present Triad Pro Innovators’ new logo.

Tech in Motion

Of course nowadays, every progressive company needs a great video, as we believe it’s the most effective way to tell your brand’s entire story in a just a few minutes. We combined Triad’s cutting edge tech with our cutting edge imagery and motion design.

Applied Science

Triad Pro’s first proof of concept comes in the form of the world’s first solar-powered golf car, SPREE (Solar Powered Renewable Electric Energy). We were proud to document this incredible vehicle in its purest form.

The Final

What’s the final statement piece to tie it in all together?…A beautiful website of course. It represents the ultimate and final destination for brands to tell their story in a captivating and efficient manner.