We achieve it.

Neo Volta produces an innovative Lithium Iron battery, storing solar energy in the most efficient and safe way possible. To help them tell their story, HDK was asked to create a bold and impactful video, product photos, and print marketing material to aid their explosive growth.

Video / Photography / Design


Introducing the Neo Volta NV-14 battery, an innovative energy storage system capable of powering an entire home day after day, when coupled with solar panels.

Power your Life

From the discoveries of Benjamin Franklin to creations of Nicola Tesla, one can’t deny the impact electricity has had on human development. To add to this story, we introduce the next step in energy innovation: SOLAR. In this video, discover the solar revolution that is headed by NEO VOLTA.

Perfect Addition

Compact and cleanly-designed, the Neo Volta NV-14 battery can be stored in an array of locations around the house. We documented all the possibilities..