This is our team. We love to ponder…obviously. What we love even more is our jobs and each other. We invite you to learn more about us and what makes us tick 🙂

Founder/Creative Director

Known for his brash wit, discerning eye and obsession with quality, it’s only right for Sasha to serve as the lead creative of HDK Media. Overseeing the creative process through every step, Sasha is in charge of promising absolute excellence through each team member’s creative process, making sure the result is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Creative Director

Writer, Director, Actor and Comedian, Paul Elia is the chief storyteller and heart of the HDK Team. Best known for his frequent roles on the Conan O’Brien show and his substantial imprint in the stand up comedy world, Paul brings a refreshingly unique perspective that not only wins the heart of his peers, but also our most valuable clients.

Graphic Designer

Besides being a self-described plant hoarder, cat lover and noodles enthusiast, Xin is fascinated by technology and how it shapes our world. She believes great design is not only simple and delightful, but also solves complex problems in our everyday lives.

Digital Products Specialist

Master Yogi, DJ, Kombucha Brewer, and Web Developer, Harry is a true Renaissance virtuoso. Whether he’s mixing next-level beats or coding CSS, every creation and expression is executed with a genuine soul and a pure heart.

Visual Effects

Melissa is young prodigy who has already worked with some of the most iconic institutions, from ESPN to Activision. Her highly malleable style ranges from avant-garde to corporate-approved. Melissa contributes vastly to the team, serving the finishing touches to all of HDK’s projects.

Let’s get cookin’